About Liver Cancer Primary, Metastatic Upper Right Abdominal Pain Symptoms for Treatment

When diagnosed with liver cancer, it may be the type that originated in your liver, primary. Or it may be the type that spread into your liver from somewhere else, metastatic.

The liver is your largest organ and it multi-tasks many vital functions:

As such, your liver is made up of several different types of cells, therefore various types of cancerous tumors can form.

Symptoms for liver cancer are minimal and may include:

However, you may not experience symptoms with liver cancer, thus it may reach an advanced stage before it is found.

Advanced stage liver cancer situation makes treatment more difficult. Treatment options Include:

Risk factors for primary upper right abdominal pain liver cancer are:

Benign (noncancerous) tumors can also grow large enough to cause problems. And form of treatment is surgical removal when necessary.

Most of the time when cancer is found in the liver it is a secondary (metastatic) liver cancer.